Nutz - Tightened Up! Live In Nottingham 1977

Probably better remembered for their artwork than for the sheer dynamite of their music, Nutz were three ridiculously underachieving albums into their career when local Radio Trent captured them live, one evening in March 1977. But Tightened Up remains the sound of a band that was so close to breaking through that there were times when you could taste it. Blistering rock on funky backdrops, and pushing a serious prog intent into the kind of territory that Queen once toyed with, Nutz were one of the hottest bands around in the years before punk rock rose to sweep their generation to oblivion, and they retained those energies for a while afterwards.

01 – Seeing Is Believing
02 – Loser – Pushed Around
03 – Down On My Knees
04 – Sick And Tired
05 – One More cup Of Coffee
06 – RSD
07 – Beast Of The Field
08 – Mylo's Solo
09 – I Know The Feeling
10 – Changes Coming
11 – Wallbanger
12 – Living On A Knife Edge

Mick Devonport , Guitar
Dave Lloyd , Vocals
Keith Mulholland , Guitar (Bass)
John Mylett , Drums
Kenny Newton , Keyboards

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