Culpeper's Orchard - St (1971)

Eclectic Prog/ psych/rock

Review by Sean Trane
4 stars Culpeper's Orchard is one of those pivotal group from Denmark. not that they became very popular or had an impressive release catalogue (max 4 to my knowledge), but they made with this debut , an album that sort of set the standard for Danish bands for years to come. Not particularly prog if you are to compare it with the prog classic from England of those same years , but progressive enough AND A DAMN GOOD ROCK'N ROLL ALBUM!!!!

This is an album really on the borderline of psych and prog much the same way that Burnin'Red Ivanhoe's and Ache's debut were also! Another classic Danish rock album from those years would be The Old Man And The Sea's sole album. Yes, from a prog point of view side 2 is a little weaker but on a rock point of view , this is another album album!

Studio Album, released in 1970 (Karma Music 2005)

Songs / Tracks Listing

01. Banjocul (0:46)
02. Mountain Music Part 1 (6:26)
03. Hey You Paople (1:29)
04. Teaparty for an Orchard (6:09)
05. Ode to Resistance (5:53)
06. Your Song & Mine (5:34)
07. Gideon's Trap (5:44)
08. Blue Day's Morning (2:12)
09. Mountain Music Part 2 (7:33)
10. Steamhouse (Single) (02:31)
11. Classified Ads (Live) (09:43)
12. Troldspejlet (Single) (04:13)


- Cy Nicklin / lead vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitars, percussion
- Neils Hendrikson / lead guitar, piano, lead vocals, harpsichord
- Michael Friss / bass, organ, flute, two finger piano, percussion
- Rodger Barker / drums, percussion


Paul said...

Another album recommended by J Cope. Link is down. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks.

progDeaf gerEars said...

Paul link is re-upped, have a nice listening man -;)

Paul said...

Thanks progDeaf gerEars. Much appreciated.