UFO – UFO1 (1971) RE-POST

Review by Jason Anderson
Recorded on a shoestring budget, UFO has several challenging sonic moments. The uneven mixes and amateur performances that some listeners might find quaint or innocent could be distracting to others. In their pre-Michael Schenker days, the British band made a much more experimental noise that reflected psychedelic as well as R&B influences pitched with a dark resonance. This swirling mish-mosh barely suggests the early British metal of the group’s commercial pinnacle that was still years off when they released their eponymous debut. Blue Cheer, early Black Sabbath, and maybe a little bit of the Who (mostly derived via bassist Pete Way’s meandering, over-saturated basslines) all come to mind on standouts like “Boogie,” “C’mon Everybody,” and “Follow You Home.” While ignored completely in the States as well as their British home….

For diehard ufo fans, this is the begining of the band, and the start of a hard rock story that endures to this day. This album is a product of the times in which it was created, the echoes of the sixties were fading, and the violence and upheaval of the seventies were on the horizon, and ufo was there to create some sounds that were different than the peace and love era, and a preview of things to come. With the first incarnation of this band, they delivered some solid tunes, timothy is a great tribute to the orginal guru of the acid days, boogie for george is a solid rockin tune as well, all the songs are cool, and this is a must have album for the collector, and a good intro to the band before they became the icons of the area shows of the seventies during the michael era. Give it a listen, and turn on, tune in , and drop back to a time when the winds of change were a coming.

1  Unidentified Flying Object     2:19
2  Boogie                 4:17
3  C’mon Everybody         3:12
4  Shake It About          3:47
5  (Come Away) Melinda         5:06
6  Timothy                 3:29
7  Follow You Home         2:14
8  Treacle People         3:24
9  Who Do You Love          7:50
10 Evil                  3:27

11 – C’mon Everybody (LIVE)
12 – Who Do You Love (LIVE)
13 – Loving Cup (LIVE)
14 – Prince Kajuku,Coming Of Prince Kajuku (LIVE)

==>UFO – UFO1 1971[GTR-015] [1994]<==


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Anonymous said...

I love that early UFO albums - thank you

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