XIT - Relocation (1977)


XIT was originally based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Members include founder and Native American Music Award winner Tom Bee, (writer of lyrics on Plight of the Redman). The original group were A. Michael Martinez (singer and lead guitar on Plight), Mac Suazo (narrator and bass on Plight), Lee Herrerra (drums on Plight), and R. C. Garriss (2nd lead guitar on Plight).

"XIT" stands for "crossing of Indian Tribes", according to Tom Bee.  Their music often addresses themes of historic and contemporary Native American issues. Their initial recording, 1972's Plight of the Redman, is a concept album about the changes in Native American life since the arrival of Columbus.

    Plight of the Redman, 1972 (featuring A.M. Martinez on all vocals)
    Silent Warrior, 1973
    Relocation, 1977
    Entrance, 1994 (all songs written by A.M. Martinez and Mac Suazo)
    Drums Across the Atlantic, 1995
Title: Relocation  1977  [SOAR 131 1992]

Artist: XIT

American Indian 70's rock and roll by XIT keeping their legend alive on this collector's edition of contemporary Native American music, performed in the unique style that made them famous worldwide. Produced by Tom Bee.

Tracks :

01: Dark Skin Woman                
02: Nothing Could Be Finer Then A 49er    
03: Riding Song            
04: Sweethearted Love Song    
05: Rainbow Rider                
06: Let My People Dance    
07: Christopher Columbus                
08: Relocation    
09: Sunrise vision    
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