Sopwith Camel - The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon. 1972

The Camel goes to Hollywood
and signs with Warner Bros. For
their second album cover, the studio
suggested the use of the Elvis Presley
set from the movie "King Creole"
and the costumes from the
"Court Martial of Billy Mitchell"
to create Armistice Day, 1918.
All tracks were recorded at Wally
Heider Studios in San Francisco.

The Hollywood cover was rejected but is now on the inside cover of the CD.
Art work from the famous collage artist, Satty, was used instead. The
album entitled "The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon" (1972) used
horns, synthophones and exotic percussion. A road tour through
Denver, Nashville, Atlanta, New York, Cleveland, and West Palm
Beach, FL. ensued. More records sold in Denver for some reason!


1. Fazon

2 Coke, Suede And Waterbeds

3 Dancin' Wizard

4 Sleazy Street

5 Orange Peel

6 Oriental Fantasy

7 Sneaky Smith

8 Monkeys On The Moon

9 Astronaut Food

10 Brief Synthophonia

Thanks Cor for sending this" miraculous" post

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Anonymous said...

The links are backwards. Link for pt.1 is pt.2. Thanks for everything.

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