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The Mermen are an American rock band from San Francisco, California that formed in 1989.[1] The group's sound was originally rooted in surf and psychedelic rock music of the 1960s, although they have made "sincere attempts to get away from the surf music label"[2] and currently delves into many genres, mainly influenced by the band's founder, songwriter and guitarist Jim Thomas' modern melodic visions. The band's music is entirely instrumental and "does a good job of defying description".[2] In concert, the Mermen almost always performs as a trio: electric guitar, electric bass, and drums. They were featured in the soundtrack of the popular Sony PlayStation video game Road Rash 3-D and have contributed music for films as well.

The Mermen have a fervent and loyal following of fans from around the world and are widely acclaimed by music critics.[who?]

Their 2010 album, In God We Trust, was their first release in a decade and followed in December 2012 by their first full-length Christmas release, "Do You Hear What I Hear - A Very MERMEN Christmas".

Only You

On October 4, 1996, Ranger John Cantwell of the GGNRA made a miracle happen--he arranged permits for a Mermen show to occur at a most unbelievable location--San Francisco's Fort Point at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. There was a big bonfire, Anchor Steam beer, and a giant chunk of freshly hauled-in pier sitting on the beach upon which the band played. Chet Helms, the hippy promoter of the 1960's venue "The Avalon Ballroom", was there to introduce the band. The free-spirited music and silly banter capture the spirit of a great evening. Recorded by Matt Kora and Kurt Vogel.

"...Only You offers a portrait of the Mermen's one-of-a-kind sonic dichotomy in action: violent shards of pounding psychosurf ricocheting off flames of beach bonfires, juxtaposed by gentle lullabies rippling over soft waves lapping up onto the Presidio sand. A mammoth sound, indeed."

~ Charles Hodgkins, All Music Guide

Introductions     3:13
Brine (The Smell Beneath the Stage)     4:13
Varykino Snow     7:00
Curve     7:07
Slaves...Scalp Salad     5:38
We Heart Phil Dirt     0:27
Casbah     4:49
Announcements     2:11
To Be Naked and Fresh is Always Hard     4:55
The Whales     6:07
Love Connection     0:55
My Black Bag     5:11
Thank You for the Beer     0:04
Jim's Dream     0:22
Joni Mitchell's House     7:07
Penetration     3:44
Into the West     3:31
Thank You, Goodnight     0:17

    Bass, Other [Tidal Pull] – Allen Whitman
    Drums, Other [Rugged Individualism] – Martyn Jones
    Guitar [Guitars], Other [Herculean Soundscapes] – Jim Thomas (2)

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