Dies Irae - 1971 - Dies Irae 1994)

Very little is known about Dies Irae, except that it is rumoured that Manfred von Bohr started his career with them. They were hardly typical of bands on the Pilz label, with a heavy brand of Krautrock, blending in jazz, blues and psychedelic touches. Mostly they used straight rock structures, with much psychedelic spice, and good songs. All creatively and imaginatively played, and inter-cut with all sorts of surprising twists and turns. Maybe less distinctive than most Krautrock of the era, Dies Irae were nonetheless excellent!


A must for all krautrockers.
Virus meets Mc Church Soundroom. Psychedelic Bluesrock at its Best!Produced for legendary Pilz - label and engineered by Conny -Konrad- Plank in 1971.

The Original Tapes/Masterband do not exist so this CD "Ohrwashl" was released from mint Vinyls. I also have the original Vinyl and they made a mistake.)
First one= they split the 8th Track into two Parts 08 & 09 (just with an Index) but if you listen to you'll hear that this is from two different sources of Vinyls.
I have phoned the Owner of Ohrwashl and asked him about this because I got this one over Ebay and at first I thought I got a pirated copy. But no..this is the Original Release of "Ohrwaschl". OK ...So I altered one track, 08 & 09, into 08 like the original and just pushed up a bit of the level of Track 8 to make it the same as 09, so that the two parts were not too different, so making the track "Red Lebanes" more consistent. I did'nt use EQ and did'nt  change any other track!
-From the ripper of these album-

The Tracks:

01 - Lucifer
02 - Salve Oimel
03 - Another Room
04 - Trip
05 - Harmagedon Dragonlove
06 - Tired
07 - Witches Meeting
08 - Red Lebanes --- see NOTE !!
09 - Run Off

Rainer Gerd Wahlmann (harmonica, vocals), 
Robert J. Schiff (bass),
 Harald H.G. Thomas (guitar, vocals), 
Andreas F. Cornelius (drums)

This archieve includes an second Folder "Original Track 08&09" incl. logs and cue so.. you can compare and burn your prefered version of.

 >Dies Irae - 1971 - Dies Irae 1994<
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