CCS (Collective Consciousness Society) - II (1972) [Rep2000]

CCS or C.C.S. (short for COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS SOCIETY) made 3 studio albums and 7 singles for Mickie Most's RAK Records in the UK in the early Seventies, before the band finally split up in late 1973. This fantastically clear-sounding Repertoire CD from 2000 is the second of those three albums - supplemented with two rare and desirable B-sides as bonus tracks.

Almost 30 years after originally recorded,We are again greeted with a further compilation of the brilliant works of
Thorup,Korner & Cameron who with approx 19 other top British session musicians made up CCS.
I loved this 2nd volume which perfectly compliments the previous Compact disc release with further hits included such as Brother,
You may remember this tune was also used to countdown the UK top thirty by BBC Radio one.Also another Zeppelin cover ,
a gritty guitar version of Black Dog and a new version of Whole lotta love ingeniously mixed into a rock n roll compilation of Lucille ,
Long tall sally and Schoolday.Can we ever get it back an early ecological based song is also included .

Buy this now or as once sung in the seventies ,you don't know what you,ve got until it's gone.It's a shame they are no more,
 My vote is for more BBS (Big Band Sounds from CCS).

Re-released in March 2000 on CD with Bonus Tracks
Repertoire Records [2000] – REP 4852

1. Brother (Cameron/Korner) 3:24

2. Black Dog (Page/Plant/Jones) 4:07

3. I Want You Back (The Corporation) 3:42

4. Running Out Of Sky (Sky Diver) (Cameron) 3:57

5. Whole Lotta Rock 'N' Roll 6:11
a: School Day (Berry),
b: Lucille (Penniman/Collins)
c: Long Tall Sally (Penniman/Johnson),
d: Whole Lotta Love (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham)

6. a) Chaos (Cameron/Korner)
b) Can't We Ever Get It Back (Cameron) 8:54

7. This Is My Life (Thorup) 3:52

8. Misunderstood (Cameron/Korner) 2:46
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Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Thanks for both of these.. I lost decades' worth of blues material on a brand new HD that i had *just* backed everything to! Including Korner's albums. I can't even begin to guess what I had lost, or how to go about replacing it all. This helps, though.. THX!