Vieja Trova Santiaguera - La Manígua (1998) REPOST

Traditional Cuban Group featuring the Vocals of Veteran Singers Rey Caney and Rolando Creagh. Includes a Duet of the Cuban Standard 'rico Vacilon' with Spanish Pop Superstar Jarabe De Palo. Also Highlighted is the Fine 'tres' Playing of Caney and Themasterful Vocal Harmonies Created by the Group.

While the Buena Vista Social Club is earning all the fame, these five guys have it going as well: a movie about them ('Lagrimas Negras') and a (long) lifetime full of musical experience. The Vieja Trova has played together as a band for long, and this clearly shows in their music. Out of my collection of Cuban music, this is the CD I usually recommend to friends who have listened to the Buena Vista Social Club and would like to hear more. And more, much more they get to hear!! Always positive for us 'gringos': the booklet comes with the lyrics and much additional information.

If you enjoy Cuban music do not miss this one. This is as good as it gets!!!
Perfect to be at a Beach house, having a Mojito o some wine or a fresh Pisco Sour, or even a cold beer or a Bloody Mary for that matter having a babecue with friends listening to this... It will definitely set the right mood...!!!


1. Maria Cristina
2. Me Voy Pa Sibanicu
3. La Vida Sigue Igual
4. Para Que Gocen Todos
5. Mil Gracias
6. Rico Vacilon
7. Cuida Eso
8. Todos Los Ojos Te Miran
9. Prueba Ese Tono
10. Si Fuera Como Tu
11. Le Dije A Una Rosa
12. Flor De Ausencia
13. El Final No Llegara

>Vieja Trova Santiaguera - La Manígua 1998<

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