Dragonwyck 68/70 edition 2004 + 5 Bonus tracks

ImageDRAGONWYCK - Sunrise recordings 1968

Underground Heavy Psych once againHere you get the heavy 1968 Sunrise recordings of this Heavy Doors influenced behemoth.
I personally prefer these over the later 1970 sessions.
If you love bands like Bentwind, Blessed End or DayBlindness,
you'll love this stuff. Enjoy this friends!
(from demonoid back in time)


Dragonwyck biography
This little known group was formed in 1968 in Cleveland, United States,
first under a name SUNRISE. Later in 1969 they changes as DRAGONWYCK,
and their musical style moved towards progressive rock.
Their first album was released in 1970 for only 85 copies, as a demo LP.
Musically they combine the elements of both British and American psychedelic sound
with heavy metal tones. The mood of their music is dark and mystical,
and their sound is dominated by guitar and Hammonds, Moogs and Mellotrons.
The band did lots of touring in the early 70's and they also managed to
release an album with bigger amount of copies.
Their line-ups varied, but keymembers on all albums are Tom Brehm playing guitars
and Bill Pettijohn singing.
Today their original releases are also remastered,
and their stuff can be recommended for anybody interested of obscure psych rock bands.

Band leader Tom Brehm reformed DRAGONWYCK with a new and younger lineup in 2006
and embarked on a short European tour before fading once again into obscurity.
(from progarchives.com)

1. My Future Waits (Dragonwyck Recordings 1970) (5:41)
2. Ideas within You (Dragonwyck Recordings 1970) (1:01)
3. Fire Climbs (Dragonwyck Recordings 1970) (9:04)
4. Run To The Devil (Dragonwyck Recordings 1970) (3:57)
5. God´s Dream (Dragonwyck Recordings 1970) (4:43)
6. Ancient Child (Dragonwyck Recordings 1970) (4:59)
7. The Vision (Dragonwyck Recordings 1970) (2:34)
Bonus tracks on World In Sound CD remaster:
8. Fire Climbs (Sunrise Recordings 1968) (4:30)
9. Flowers Grow Free (Sunrise Recordings 1968) (3:14)
10. The Vision (Sunrise Recordings 1968) (7:05)
11. Anything I´d Give (Sunrise Recordings 1968) (3:14)
12. Ancient Child (Sunrise Recordings 1968) (4:52)

Line Up :
- Bill Pettijohn / vocals
- Tom Brehm / guitara
- Skip Foster / keyboards
- Pat Osines / bass
- Jeff Richards / bass
- Gary Sanger / drums

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