Nektar – Complete Live In N.Y’74

Audio CD (30 Aug 2011)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Cleopatra

The epic concert performance marking the US invasion of psychedelic space rock pioneers, Nektar!

This vintage document finds the band at the peak of their career, touring in support of the Top 20 Billboard charting album Remember The Future!

Packaged in a black box with full color booklet and collectible pin! –Official Press Release

Review by
Todd E. Carper (Edgewood, Md United States)
Nektar are a band that has to be caught live to be fully appreciated. This is a live recording of the band in its prime from 1974 in a city where they always seem to play at their best, New York. It is also the band in its original line-up with Roye Albrighton on guitar and vocals, Ron Howden on Drums, Mo Moore on Bass and Vocals with Taff Freeman on Hammond Organ and vocals. The band is young and hot, its chemistry obvious as its technical prowess and hooks. There are several versions of Live in New York, this is the best since it is all the songs, the complete show. The band hit the stage on fire with Astral Man and rock it hard. They hit a small snag on their hit Remember the Future part one when the power goes out but it is barely noticeable and the band does the right thing and keeps on going; in fact the band never slows down after that as they groove on Marvelous Moses, slowing ever so slightly for It’s All Over and then hit the gas again for their hyper driven rocker Good Day which is searing. Again they let off the accelerator slightly for a fantastic rendition of That’s Life and then punch it again for Show me the Way and then take things to the fever pitch that is Day in the Life of a Preacher. Through it all, the melody is all over every song with amazing interplay between the players; the intricate pieces fall together beautifully and flow one into the other as the set builds to its climax. Roye is in great voice, the solos on his guitar fit perfectly in every song in fact each of the players shine in turn in each and every song so there is no time lost. What is evident is the band work well together and each song is a highlight. Want something groove laden and Jazz flavored, try Desolation Valley which is superb. Want a rocker? Try out the previously mentioned Good Day, the equally smoking Day in the Life of a Preacher, or Crying in the Dark/King of Twilight or the closer Fidgety Queen. Then there is the Remember the Future Parts one and two which have all the moods rolled into 2 intricate suites of music; personally my choice is part two which has a brilliant guitar solo woven into the “Lonely Roads” part of the suite. The Rock and Roll and bluesy side are represented as well as this band shows it can do it all. There is something here for everyone, give it a listen and you WILL be rewarded. Rock on Nektar!
Joseph L. Kolb (harris, mn USA)
I remember seeing Nektar twice, once in ’73 and ’74 during this tour. i still have roye albrighton’s guitar pick somewhere that i caught at the end of the show. Cleopatra did a nice job packaging these 2 discs. nice cardboard box, both cds in individual sleeves with different covers, booklet and very small button. the songs covered are mostly from Sounds Like This, Remember the Future and Down to Earth. it’s nice to hear Astral Man and Fidgety Queen without the horns. never liked the horns on Down to Earth. sound quality is quite good, though freeman’s keyboards are a bit hard to hear. Show Me The Way is probably my favorite song that wraps up disc 1. between this and Live at the Roundhouse, i like Roundhouse just a bit better. overall though, this is a great addition to one’s Nektar collection. glad to see it available again at such a reasonable price.


Roye Albrighton: guitar, lead vocals
Derek “Mo” Moore: bass, backing vocals
Ron Howden: drums, percussion
Allan “Taff” Freeman: keyboards, backing vocals
Mick Brockett: lighting, projections and visual effects

Disc 1 :

1. Introduction 1:02
2. Astral Man 2:58
3. Remember The Future, Part 1 16:14
4. Marvelous Moses 8:35
5. It’s All Over / Good Day 12:13
6. That’s Life 6:28
7. Show Me The Way 6:27

Disc 2

1. A Day In The Life Of A Preacher 15:42
2. Desolation Valley 9:57
3. Remember The Future, Part 2 (Tomorrow Never Comes) 8:14
4. Remember The Future, Part 2 (Recognition) 7:43
5. Crying In The Dark / King Of Twilight 10:01
6. What Ya Gonna Do? (Woman Trouble) 4:06
7. Medley: Johnny B. Goode / Sweet Little Rock & Roller / Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On 6:54
8. Fidgety Queen 5:49


==>Live In New York 1974<==

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