Cactus – Fully Unleashed – The Live Gigs Vol. II (2 cd Set) 1971


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    one of the best live bands ever showcased on CD !!!
    Even Better Than the 1st “Live Gigs”
    The result is stunning, even after 40 years, Cactus could play and blow away other artists who have grown to super stardom. Even Led Zeppelin could not stand in their shadow. This double CD is a whole different affair than the previous one with the same name hence the Volume II on this one, and is recorded in one take in an New York state club. Cactus in the original line up was a quartet but here they have expanded to a quitet with second lead and slide guitarist Ron Leejack (later of Wicked Lester, the pre KISS band) and that is a good choice. Leejack is also credited on a few songs on their than latest studio-album “Restrictions”. Cactus seems to have the time of their live, playing with pleasure and full of humor,

    which cannot be said from many other acts who were deadseriously on stage. But apart from pleasure and humor (especially Rusty Day with his announcements and lyrics) the band plays full tilt with an enormous effort and drive. Jim McCarty shines throughout with his formidable lead guitar (he could equally handle the acoustic guitar as shown on the 3 studioalbums) but he gives room to his partner in crime Leejack to blast his parts in the audience. Formerly Vanilla Fudge rythm tandem Bogert on bass and Appice on drums plays their part and Rusty had not only the right vocals for this hard driven blues rock but plays harmonica as well and good. I would say this album is a must for all the music aficionados in general and lovers of good (early seventies) rock music, with the extra dimension of a live recording. The only regrettable thing about this is its release 4 decades later but now we can enjoy the better sound qualities. Strongly recommended.


    Cactus – Fully Unleashed – The Live Gigs Vol. II (Disc-1)

    01. Intro , Tuning 00:59
    02. Long Tall Sally 07:51
    03. Parchman Farm 06:03
    04. Mellow Down Easy 05:25
    05. Feel So Bad 07:00
    06. Walkin’ Blues 08:51
    07. Scrambler , One Way.. 08:28
    08. Oleo 12:50

    Total Playing Time 57:29

    Cactus – Fully Unleashed – The Live Gigs Vol. II (Disc-2)

    01. Bro 08:31
    02. Token Chokin’ 03:32
    03. Slow Blues (Medley) 20:10
    04. Heebie Jeebies , What’d I Say 12:17
    05. Evil 14:45

    Total Playing Time 59:17


    Jim McCarty’s slashing guitar,
    Carmine Appice’s thumping drums,
    Tim Bogert’s pulsating bass,
    Original singer (and harp) Rusty Day,
    and second guitarist Ron Leejack…..

      ==>Cactus- Fully Unleashed - The Live Gigs Vol. II (2 Disc) (1971)<==

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