Stud - Stud (1971)

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FIRST EVER OFFICIAL CD RELEASE FOR THIS CLASSIC ALBUM FEATURING JIM CREGAN of BLOSSOM TOES and RICHARD McCRACKEN & JOHN WILSON OF TASTE. STUD were formed in 1970 by RICHARD McCRACKEN and JOHN WILSON (from the recently disbanded band TASTE who featured RORY GALLAGHER) and JIM CREGAN (of BLOSSOM TOES and later in FAMILY). The album they recorded for Decca's DERAM label was an amalgam of rock and jazz and was an outstanding "progressive" album of its time. The sessions also featured guest appearances by POLI PALMER (of FAMILY) and JOHN WEIDER (ex-ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS and FAMILY). Although Stud never achieved the acclaim they deserved, their debut album remains highly sought after by aficionados of Progressive Rock!
Custower 4.0 out of 5 stars LEAVES A NICE TASTE
By Colin Logue

Ritchie McCracken and John Wilson quickly regrouped after TASTE split and Rory Gallagher tread the 'solo' path. Jim Cregan teamed up with the guys and they were eventually joined by part-time member John Weider.

The result of this mix is an eclectic and highly enjoyable debut album which skirts around Prog, Jazz Fusion and Pop/Rock. 1112235 is a track which borders on Avant-Guarde and is the longest track on the album. It takes the listener aback at first but showcases some great individual playing and was apparently the result of a jam session. If that is so then it leaves other jam sessions by more illustrious artists in the shade.

'Turn Over the Pages' is simply a beautiful song along with the opening track 'Sail On'. Another longish track is 'Harpo's Head' and compliments 1112235.

Worthwhile and historic, especially for fans of TASTE who may have pondered whatever happened to McCracken and Wilson.


Track Listings
1. Sail On
2. Turn Over the Pages
3. 1112235
4. Harpo's Head
5. Horizon: Here/There
6. Song

Jim Cregan Composer, Group Member, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Richard McCracken Bass, Composer, Group Member, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
John Wilson Drums, Group Member

John "Poli" Palmer Guest Artist, Vibraphone
John Weider Guest Artist, Violin




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