Steve Hackett - Cured (1981)

ArsNova records 1999 [AN99-046]

What a shock this album must have been when it was first released back in '81. Had Steve Hackett sold out to pop trends and abandoned his progressive roots? Twenty years later the controversy hardly matters. Only the music remains, and to this listener it has aged very well.

Although Cured is mostly a collection of pop songs, a distinct progressive edge still remains. The instrumental numbers (Air Conditioned Nightmare and Cradle of Swans) prove this, but even the most radio airplay friendly songs contain their share of intense guitar work and electronic atmospherics. The most important thing about this album is that it's an enjoyable listen. The songs are candy for the ears - addictive and easy to like. On earlier albums there are times when the music seemes designed to turn the listener off, taking sudden turns into strange territory in a constant attempt to push the boundaries. On Cured, Steve Hackett has refined and sugar coated his sound. The effect is to make the music more accessible while retaining the key elements that made his previous albums great. The electronic drums don't detract from the music as previous drummers were never allowed a really large role; and although Hackett isn't possessed of a strong voice, his vocals work well enough and add a certain genuineness to the music as he's singing his own songs. The title Cured seems to refer to Hackett's attempt to cure himself of the darkness that haunted his previous albums. There is a brighter sound on this one, but the lyrics describe a host of unpleasant feelings and experiences. This is the central contradiction of the album: The cover art depicting Steve Hackett in paradise complete with a frosty drink and palm trees, while he sings on Picture Postcard, "I don't want to be here on my own"... upbeat, boucy songs about heartbreak and depression...a smooth pop sound studded with mind bending guitar work. It all comes together perfectly, with both opposing elements complimenting each other. You don't have to be a Steve Hackett fan to like this album. Just take a listen to Hope I Don't Wake and tell me it isn't a good song. And if you're a fan already, well you haven't lived life fully until you listen to our hero sing "I'm givin' you all of my loving..." Far from a sellout, Cured makes life more worth living.

Studio Album, released in 1981

Tracks Listing

1. Hope I Don't Wake (3:46)
2. Picture Postcard (3:54)
3. Can't Let Go (5:39)
4. The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (4:42)
5. Funny Feeling (4:02)
6. A Cradle Of Swans(2:47)
7. Overnight Sleeper (4:30)
8. Turn Back Time (4:19)

Total Time: 33:39


- Steve Hackett / guitars, bass, vocal
- Nick Magnus / keyboard, drum machine
- Bimbo Acock / sax on "Picture Postcard"
-John Hackett / flute on "Overnight Sleeper", bass pedals on "The air-Conditioned Nightmare"

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