Morgen - Morgen (1969)


Morgen - Morgen (1969)[re-2003]

Psychedelic, Acid

Reissue of ultra rare but all time favorite psychedelic 60's album from USA. Led by Steven Morgen, who simply named his band Morgen. A true psychedelic artifact originally released on Probe in 1969. Comes with original artwork 'The Scream' from Edvard Munch. 7 tracks. Radioactive. 2003.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of ten best psychedelic rock albums ever!
By Kevin D. Rathert

I dare anyone to point out a single track on this 7 song LP that doesn't have absolutely wonderful guitar work on it. The 10 minute 50 second classic "Love" stands out, but is the norm not the exception. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Steve Morgen made only this one album and a 7" with mono edits of "Of Dreams" c/w "She's The Nitetime" (both found on the album in extended, stereo mixes). This disc contains only the album proper. A 2005 release by Korean World Psychedelia Ltd. contained the single sides as bonus tracks, so while I highly recommend the disc offered here I would highly recommend tracking down a copy of the Korean release as well. Every song contains excellent guitar work and introspective lyrics. Unfortunately Steve Morgen went into acting following the release of "Morgen" and never again recorded. What a loss for the music industry. But what a legacy he left behind. This is one of those albums that really is as good as they say it is. And then some!
5.0 out of 5 stars Right on the Money
By Matthew Mcclellan

This is one of the top albums of the "heavy psych" genre. There are elements of punk, uk psych, Hendrix, hard rock, etc.. It's a tough lp and a tough lp to find. I recommend it for fans of the genre without reservation. It's actually a good well-rounded album for the more casual fan of psychedelia and hard rock.

Track Listings

1. Welcome To The Void
2. Of Dreams
3. Beggin Your Pardon (miss Joan)
4. Eternity In Between
5. Shes The Nitetime
6. Love
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Singer/guitarist Steve Morgen and company (bassist Rennie Genossa, drummer Bob Maiman and rhythm guitarist Barry Stock) originally hailed from Long Island, New York. Signed by ABC's short-lived Probe subsidiary, their 1969 debut Morgen teamed them with producer Murray Shiffrin (Steve Morgen is given the co-production credit). After this superb debut, the entire band quite simply disappeared. If you're into heavy psych guitar, then this is for you. While Morgen had a competent, if limited voice, he was a truly amazing guitarist with the likes of Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond becoming a staunch advocate of Morgen's status as a "psychedelic guitar hero." Tracks such as "Eternity In Between," "Welcome To the Void," "Of Dreams" and "Beggin' Your Pardon (Miss Joan)" were simply drenched with fuzz and feedback guitar. Underpinned by Maiman's powerhouse drumming (easily compared with Led Zeppelin's John Bonham) and suitably trippy lyrics, you're looking at a pseudo-classic slice of psychedelia that largely explains the huge asking price of an original copy. This numbered limited edition CD is housed in a unique gatefold card wallet.

STEVE MORGAN guitar, vocals

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