Amon Düül II - Made In Germany (1975) RE-POST

Amon Düül II - Made In Germany (1975) [2008 REV092 SPV]

Studio Album, released in 1975
A far cry from early Amon Duul II recordings which comprised extended psychedelic instrumental freakout explorations. After making the transition to more structured music with albums like Wolf City, Hijack and Vive La Trance Made In Germany was Amon Duul at it`s creative peak. It revealed solid songwriting abilities which featured orchestrations and an array of guest musicians with an underlying theme of old world traditional Germany in the new world. And unlike many European bands such as Omega, Jane and Eloy there`s no problem with the English language here and a lyric sheet is even provided. Originally released in Germany as a double album it was cut down to a single unit for North American release which suprisingly doesn`t detract from it conceptually or musically. If there is one Amon Duul album which captures the essence of 1970`s prog-rock this is it. Renate Kanup one of the few female voices to appear in progressive rock really shines here on compositions like Metropolis, Ludwig and the Blue Grotto. No comprehensive library of 1970`s progressive rock would be complete without this magnificent Krautrock gem.

Songs / Tracks Listing

Record one:
1. Overture (5:12)
2. Wir Wollen (1:32)
3. Wilhelm Wilhelm (3:10)
4. SM II Peng (2:16)
5. Elevators Meets Whispering (1:26)
6. Metropolis (3:37)
7. Ludwig (2:32)
8. The King`s Chocolate Waltz (2:28)
9. Blue Grotto (3:33)
10. Mr. Kraut Jinx (8:44)

Record two:
11. Wide Angle (4:06)
12. Three-Eyed Overdrive (1:17)
13. Emigrant Song (3:21)
14. Loosey Girls (5:13)
15. Top of the Mud (3:45)
16. Dreams (4:08)
17. Gala Gnome (3:52)
18. 5.5.55 (1:39)
19. La Krautoma (6:08)
20. Excessive Spray (1:41)

Total Time 69:50

Line-up / Musicians

- Robby Heibl / bass, violin, acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
- Chris Karrer / guitar, violin, banjo, vocals
- Renate Knaup / vocals
- Peter Leopold / drums, percussion
- Falk U. Rogner / organ, synthesizers
- Nando Tischer / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
- John Weinzierl / acoustic & electric guitars

+ Thor Baldursson / keyboards
- Heinz Becker / percussion, tympani, gong
- Lee Harper / trumpet, brass section
- Bobby Jones / saxophone solo (2/4)
- Jürgen S. Korduletsch / backing vocals
- Helmut Sonnleitner / first violin

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musicyoucan said...

The first of part of the mega archive doesn't exist anymore.
So it is also not possible to use the orphan second mega archive.
Is it possible to have again it available?
Many Thanks
An Amon Duul 2 fan who saw them in 1972 at the Paris Olympia

progDeaf gerEars said...

I saw them in the 70ties too,
so your are some-old-boby like me too, LOL nice;

First part is now re-upped, cheers ;-)

musicyoucan said...

Many Thanks
You're make my day.
Thanks a lot
A 62 years old music addicted guy (aka musicyoucan)
PS: Unfortunalty, the drummer of the Can group left us several days ago :-(

progDeaf gerEars said...

I'm two years older than you brother!

RIP Jaki Liebezeit (born 1939)

Yes nobody lives forever, only their music will do....

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. Love this band!

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