Anachronos - 2009 - Aqui y Afuera first album [Chile ].... instrumental (top) progrock..

This is the 2009 debut by an instrumental symphonic prog band from Chile. Being a young band, the drummer and especially the guitarist play in the metal idiom half the time, but it is keyboardist Alonso Quijada that distinguishes Anachronos from your garden variety prog-metal band. The guitar may be mixed as loud or louder than the keys even when doing nothing more than chugga chugga as metal guitarists are wont to do, but the music is dominated by Quijada’s classically-influenced keyboards, primarily piano. Everything of harmonic interest is in the keyboard parts, and Quijada uses samples for occasional touches of South American folk that add spice. Recommended to fans of modern bombastic prog.

01 Anachronos
02 Enigmática
03 Relatos
04 Caida incerta
05 Al Borde del Abismo
06 la partida
07 Aqui y afuera

Line up
Alexandro Torres (guitar)
Alonso Quijada (keyboards)
Alvaro Urbina (bass)
Rodrigo Villena (drums)


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