Monument - The First Monument (1971)

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Monument / Zior biography  (By Raffaella Berry (Raff)
More than an independent band, MONUMENT are an offshoot of British hard rock band ZIOR, who released two albums in the early Seventies. Their only album, "The First Monument", is the result of an all-night, drunken jam session involving the four members of ZIOR. The album features a heavy, distorted, Hammond-drenched sound, and ZIOR's trademark occult lyrical themes.

By GDA9    

3 stars! I found a passing reference to this band in the book Lucifer Rising by Gavin Baddeley. It's truly a rare gem of early 70's heavy prog.

While the music whitin is unremarkable by any standards, and despite the songs' silly occult lyrics, it still manages to please and I'd highly recommend it to any fan of bands like Atomic Rooster, Nosferatu, Orange Peel, Asgard (UK), etc.
3.0 out of 5 stars Monument to downer heavy proto-metal! 
By T. Hardin VINE™ VOICE

So what exactly are you in for,you may be wondering? Totally obscure and rarer than hen's teeth, for points of reference think Deep Purple (love that organ!), Uriah Heep,Black Sabbath,etc.just not as original or adept at songwriting.The vocals are somewhat echoey,kinda like a combination of Jim Morrison & Iggy Pop(!).The tunes are pretty decent,nothing as strong as the aforementioned bands but this isnt bad! I've read elsewhere about this being a "Prog" band,and though they do deviate a bit from the standard blues-rock of the day,to call this Prog would be a stretch.That is not criticism mind you,just dont go in expecting EL&P! If (like me) your musical obsessions lean towards the heavier proto-metal hard rock acts of the 70's,and judging by the dearth of mediocre releases copping that sound their are lots of you,then add a star and consider this well worth your time tracking down! Though I wouldnt go so far as to call it "essential", my collection feels a lot more complete with it.Monument indeed.

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Dog Man
2. Stale Flesh
3. Don't Run Me Down
4. Give Me Life
5. The Metamorphis Tango
6. Boneyard Bumne
7. First Taste of Love
8. And She Goes
9. Ouverture for Limp Pian
10. I'm Coming Back


Jake Brewster - drums
Marve Fletchley - bass
Steven Lowe - vocals, keyboards
Wes Truvor - guitar

(from the booklet)
By 1971 , when this album was first realised, it had becomes somewhat trendy amongst the
underground fraternity to actively participate in practises such as ritual magic,
occults arts and various other esoteric customs.......


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