Asterix- Asterix[1970] (predecessor Lucifer's Friend)

Asterix was a direct predecessor of Lucifer's Friend;
 released one (eponymous) album in 1970.
 Technically, this was the first Lucifer's Friend album,
only under a different name.
 Also, one single was released featuring a slightly altered line-up, without John's involvement.

Peter Hesslein began his musical career way back in 1963 with a band called the Giants.

Peter Hecht and Dieter Horns were both members of a group
known as the German Bonds, from 1965 onwards.
Peter Hesslein joined the Bonds in 1968 which survived until 1970.

At this point the various members took up the study of graphic design
in an attempt to forge more sensible careers.

But the call of rock’n’roll was too strong and in late 1970, the ex-Bonds men,
together with Joachim Reitenbach , decided to record a new album.
 They needed a lead singer and eventually found John Lawton
who had been with the group Stonewall.

The new band took the name Lucifer's Friend
 and released their first album 'Asterix' in 1970.

Their first three albums were undeniably influenced by contemporary British bands
 such as Uriah Heep and Deep Purple.
'Lucifer's Friend' was released on the Phillips label in January 1971
 followed by 'Where The Groupies Killed The Blues' (1972).

Lucifer's Friend' was given rave reviews particularly in America where the
 Chicago Express compared them to Led Zeppelin.
This encouraged the five-piece to commence a heavy touring schedule,
a policy which later backfired.

Gradually their music had become a shade more sophisticated and serious
jazz and symphonic influences were detected by critics and fans.
This was no doubt due to the increasing importance of 'progressive rock'
which seemed to appeal to college students and university audiences rather more
than good old heavy metal.
It was also more interesting for musicians to play and presented them with new challenges
 (Review by Christer Andersson).

John Lawton (vocals) [Lucifer's Friend, Uriah Heep]

Peter Hecht (keyboards) [Lucifer's Friend]

Peter Hesslein (guitar) [Lucifer's Friend]

Dieter Horns (bass) [Lucifer's Friend]

George Monroe [Georg Mavros] (vocals)

Joachim "Addi" Rietenbach (drums) [Lucifer's Friend]


Asterix- Asterix 1970 [1998 remaster]

1 Everybody [Bonus Track] 3:01

2 If I could Fly [Bonus Track] 3:00

3 Look Out 3:07

4 Gone From My Life 3:28

5 Broken Home 4:24

6 Time Again 3:06

7 Jump Into My Action 3:30

8 Open Up Your Mind 3:14

9 Corner Street Girl 4:04
10 Chance in You 4:06
11 Morning at My Dawn 6:53

 First posted by Val in 2011 on Between H&H.

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Asterix (Pre Lucifer's Friend) 1970


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