Wishbone Ash-Live Dates V2(2LP limited-Edition)(1976-80)


Wishbone Ash-Live Dates V2(2LP limited-Edition)(1976-80)

from prosarchives.com:

3 stars Solid live album from British classic hard rock band, "Live Dates Vol. 2" encapsulates the good old twin guitar music style of the 1970s, marking the end of the era. Starting from 1981 "Number the Brave" WISHBONE ASH turned into awful arena rock dinosaurs, producing negligible records.

It appears that the German 2-LP version was released in Yugoslavia by Beograd Disk, but strangely enough, when I was looking for the cassette version (at the time I did not own a turntable) I found only the original album as the first half of the double-tape set (double albums on cassettes were available as two separate tapes).

So, the album kicks off with "Doctor" (from "Wishbone Four"), "Runaway" (from "New England") and two better tracks from the recent "Just Testing" album, "Living Proof" and "Helpless". There is nothing particularly progressive on this first side but very good and convincing hard rock music is performed with energy and style.

Second half contains two longer, 9-minute prog-rock inclined jamming suites, "FUBB" (from "There's the Rub") and "Way of the World" (from "No Smoke Without Fire"). Both are very good compositions with extended twin guitar solos, convincing bass and strong drums with frequent change of themes and rhythmic structure. They are real treat for prog rock fans, and even though WISHBONE ASH were never able to jump into the first league of progressive rock, with songs like these (and albums such as legendary "Argus"), they came rather close.
note; The first 2LP edition back in time was only realized on 25000 copies contained only tracks 1 to 6.!!!

Live, released in 1980

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Doctor 5:40
2. Living Proof 5:45
3. Runaway 3:10
4. Helpless 3:35
5. F*U*B*B 9:40
6. The Way Of The World 10:15

Songs available only on double album printings and on the German "Additional Tapes" printing:
7. Lorelei 6:20
8. Persephone 8:20
9. You Rescue Me 6:50
10. Time Was 6:45
11. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend 5:20
12. No Easy Road 7:20

Total Time 80 Min

Line-up / Musicians

Andy Powell / guitars & vocals
Laurie Wisefield / guitars & vocals (lead vocals on Goodbye Baby)
Martin Turner / bass & lead vocals
Steve Upton / drums

Releases information!

CD - MCA, UICY9090/1, (Never released because of legal issues).
LP - MCA MCG 4012, 6402 (UK);
LP - MCA 203 223-270 "Additional Tapes" including the songs of the 2nd album. Different cover (Germany).
CD - Polygram B00005NS0X (19 septembre 2001)
CD - Universal Japan B0036G4CYA SHM-CD,19 may 2010 including the songs of the 2nd album.



Anonymous said...

I am so delighted to find this rarity! At least it's rare in the US. Incredibly talented band, and I think the Laurie Wisefield period is underrated. Thank you!!

vergues said...

I can't find the password. Please help me !

progDeaf gerEars said...

The pssword is always on the Free Text page man. -;)

vergues said...

Thanks !!

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