Ron Elliott - The Candlestickmaker (1970)

This review is from: The Candlestickmaker (Audio CD)
For fans of the Beau Brummels, this CD, "The Candlestickmaker" by Ron Elliott is a must-have! Though this album never did much when first released in 1970, it wasn't because it was a "bad" album. Artistic integrity took precedent over a desire to be commercial. Though one might easily pick a catchy tune here, suitable for radio play, it is essentially a continuation of what had been done on the last two Beau Brummel albums, "Triangle" and "Bradley's Barn" (both now also available on CD). I give it a four star rating ONLY because it's not long enough. Most albums at this time period were short in length by today's standards.
Being a life-long fan of the Beau Brummels, it's difficult to be critical of this first solo effort by the bands primary songwriter and guitarist. It's simply a terrific little collection of songs! Side One consists of five songs in the three to four minute vein. Well known L.A. session musicians round out Elliott's group of players; Chris Ethridge (bass), Dennis Dragon (drums). With contributions by Ry Cooder, Leon Russell, Bud Shank and others. Sal Valentino (primary vocalist of the Brummels) adds his classic tambourine touch.
Side Two is the real mind-blower! The "Candlestickmaker Suite". Consisting of Part 1, "Dark Into Dawn" and Part 2, "Questions". According to Elliott, this side describes a mans journey through madness, with a healing aspect to it. With Marc McClure on second guitar, this acoustic journey is mesmerizing in its elegance. Gentle, mysterious, adventuresome and enthralling come to mind. Ron Elliott has never really received his due in the music world, either for his astonishing song writing abilities, or his masterful guitar playing. Equally adept playing electric guitar (as he did on many of the Brummel's songs), here, his acoustic talents become evident. Side One features more of his electric guitar.
It was many years after the Beau Brummels ceased as a band, that I hunted down this once-rare album. I was delighted by it from the first listening! Now available on CD, the sound is even better. So pour a glass of wine, light a candle or two, and shut out the're about to be treated to one of the late 60's rare masterpieces by one of the master songwriter/guitarists of that time! Enjoy!



1. Molly In The Middle
2. Lazy Day
3. All Time Green
4. To The City To The Sea
5. Deep River Runs Blue
6. Medley: Candlestick Maker Suite: Dark Into Dawn/Questions

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